A Children’s Hospice South West Memorial fund in memory of Carol, to support the siblings of life-limited children across Devon and Cornwall
450 Books Sold : £6,500 to Carol’s Memorial Fund
The Carol Lay
Memorial Fund
Total raised:  £34,160
Target: £5,000, £10,000, £15,000, £20,000

© Stephen Lay

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CHSW Moonlight Memory Walk of 30 March. Naomi, Dani, Elli, Sara, Natasha, Laura, Rebecca and Fidelia raised £2,200 walking 5 miles from Central London on Mother’s Day Eve in memory of loved ones who are sorely missed. Thank you ladies for helping the siblings of life-limited children at CHSW

Carol Lay

1954 - 2017

Both Carol and Stephen Lay were brought up in Cornwall in South West England. They met at Helston School in 1970.

Carol graduated from a Teacher Training College in Hertfordshire and Stephen from the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall.

They married in 1976. Three days later Carol started her first job as a special needs teacher. A year later Stephen graduated and started working in the local tin mines. They continued to live in West Cornwall.

Carol was committed to pushing the boundaries for her severely handicapped students, many achieving far more than could ever be imagined. The children, their parents and the teaching staff adored "mslay" with her boundless energy and keen sense of fun. In 1996 she won the South West England Teacher of the Year award in recognition of her work.

She gained a Master of Education degree and headship qualifications before retiring in 2005 to accompany Stephen, who since 1993 had been travelling extensively on various mining assignments.

Carol remained committed to helping young people, regardless of their ability, to achieve their potential and was trustee of several local charities and a committed Rotarian.

They have three children and five grandchildren.

Carol had a great interest in horticulture and gardening. She created the gardens and woodland at Bowling Green, Wendron, from two very wet and windswept fields. These were opened under the National Garden Scheme, won several awards and featured in BBC2’s “Open Gardens”.

Carol did not survive her battle against cancer. After a short and very dignified fight she died on 13th February 2017. She is lovingly remembered and very much missed.